1. It is necessary to wear a suitable bicycle helmet, properly fastened and adjusted, chest, elbow and knee protectors.

  2. Maintain your speed according to your ability. It is your responsibility to avoid collision with other people, objects and trees around you.

  3. Under no circumstances, do not stop in the path and especially in places where you are not visible. In case of a forced stop, manage to keep the route clear.

  4. If you are involved in an accident or been close to someone who has injured, call 166 National Emergency Center..

  5. It is necessary to respect hikers who may be by mistake on the cycle path and always give them priority.

  6. Use of the cycle path requires cyclists to take full responsibility for their behavior and the consequences that result from it.

  7. Keep a safe distance from those in front of you.

  8. Special attention is required (since we are in a pine forest) to watch out our movements that could cause a fire and of course if we detect a suspicious human movement or even the smallest fire, we are calling 199 immediately. Do not provoke, feed or disturb animals you may encounter. Do not cause any kind of damage to the vegetation.

  9. It is recommended to always do a first reconnaissance of the route at low speed. Identify the danger of each point and then drive. The points that require attention are highlighted in the “Route description” column as well as with special markings.

  10. Entry to the Bike Park routes is free and requires full acceptance of these regulations.
  11. Check that all your equipment is in perfect condition. If there is anything abnormal, go to the repair center recommended in the Service column. Any damage to the bike and equipment is under rider’s responsibility. Do not leave litter on the mountain. Respect the environment! Gels, tubes, bars and other plastics, should be collected by the user himself.