One of the main reasons behind the establishment of Lesvos Cycling Club was the construction and maintenance of the cycling trails on the island.

Three years after its establishment, Lesvos Cycling Club managed to join Measure 19.2 – Actions 19.2.4 and 19.2.6 “Public projects” of the T.P. CLLD/LEADER Lesvos and submit an application for financial support for a proposal to construct a mountain bike trail route on the island Lesvos and specifically in the mountainous area of Amali.

Nowadays we are felicitous to have completed the overall construction of the trail and this would not have taken place if we did not have the animation, awareness and activation with simultaneous full support from the executives of the Local Development Company of Lesvos, ETAL SA.

We sincerely thank the administration and its experienced and qualified executive staff, who, with continuous efforts over 18 years with accountability and equity, managed not only to say that funds were absorbed for investments, but who gave their “soul” to very important interventions in our region, which are core factor for the island’s local development.