Herb Trail

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The path is located a few kilometers from Mytilini, on one of the most beautiful and easily accessible mountains of the island, with an impressive view from the top. Its engraving pre-existed as an old path from location Provasma and heading to the top of Mount Amali. With the new marking, the path starts from the top of location Kourteri in an eastern direction, reaching very close to the path that goes up from location Provasma and returns to the starting point in a western direction, where the circular route is completed.


Herb Trail

The herb trail at the forest of Amali, Lesvos...

The mild structure of the trail allows a beginner rider to learn basic technique skills, and a more experienced rider to develop flow and speed so as to take advantage of artificial drops, berms and speed jumps, as well as natural obstacles i.e. trees, roots and rocks.
On the trail there are a few technical dots with mild flow but also more challenging parts of the uphill climb. The existence of natural rock gardens on other trails in the area leads us not to include rock gardens in this particular one.

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Crossing the path, we encounter a beautiful natural landscape of dense and tall pines, primeval oaks and small rocks.

Finally, there is the possibility for the rider to extend the experience to the network of the rest of the natural paths found in the area. The rider can, completing the circular route and reaching back to the starting point, head east and meet the path called “Secret”, characterized by the breathtaking view of Geras Bay. The next option is, from the lowest point of the path and before starting the ascent, to head left and meet one of the oldest and most demanding paths in the area called “Kormoi”. As a last option, it is again from the lowest point of the path, to continue the descent without changing direction, meeting the path called Skalakia where it ends at the church of Panagia Amali, an ideal place for a break, enjoying the beautiful landscape of the area.

All of the above results in the existence of an ideal path capable of accommodating the pleasure and satisfaction of any type of rider, whether for recreation, or the daily ride with friends or even demanding training.

Herb Trail

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