World Forestry Day 2023

World Forestry Day 2023

The Lesvos Cycling Club, as part of the celebration of World Forest Day, is organizing a path cleaning, as a symbolic action, in the area of Mytilini, on Wednesday 22/03/2022 at 15:30 pm. at the point “Pefko”.

This day is marking the beginning of the vernal equinox, which is considered as the first day of spring. The purpose of this activity is to bring people in contact with the forests that currently cover 25% of the earth’s surface and to highlight the need to protect them.

To recall environmental issues such as climate change, the greenhouse effect, uncontrolled exploitation of forest resources, land desertification, the risk of fires, encroachment, threats to biodiversity and extensive logging. Every year 15% of the forests in Greece are lost to fires and only 10% manage to be reforested.

On World Forest Day every year, Lesvos Cycling Club gathers and organizes the cleaning – maintenance of one or more paths.

Actions that we would not want to be done only on an anniversary basis, but in every walk in the forest, whether we encounter a fallen branch, a stone, an obstacle, which can pose a danger to another person who will cross it in any way. On each walk we stop and remove all of these from our path, symbolically, as a small tribute to such an important World Forest Day.

On Wednesday 22/3/2023, Po.Sy. Lesvos invites you to show our love in the forest of Amali. The Lesvos Cycling Association invites anyone who wishes to participate in the voluntary cleaning of the “Dasiko” path that starts from the “Dexamenes” and above, up to the junction of the path with “Kormi”, to be at the meeting point at 15:30 in the afternoon at “Pefko”.

It is recommend that you bring water, a snack, gloves and work glasses with you, if you wish. Lesvos Cycling Club will provide you the necessary basic tools. If you wish, you may bring extra personal small tools and rakes for cleaning the path from portable materials.

Take Care of Your Trails 2023

Take Care of Your Trails 2023

“Take Care of Your Trails” returns in May 2023!

Mark your calendars for the month of May for the 7th edition of TCoYT, our annual campaign to encourage and promote volunteer-based trail maintenance events across Europe. In 2022, 92 activities took place in 16 European countries with more than 1000 volunteers giving their time. Lesvos was also in 2022 on the world map of the international campaign. As every year, we want to get bigger and better with our reach and participation, with an emphasis on getting new people involved.

The 2023 theme: Youth Active and Outdoors

In 2023 we want to encourage more youth participation in trail maintenance events, to highlight the importance and benefits of getting young people out and active in the community.

Coming soon with more information about our path cleaning actions in 2023…